Getting the most from an Open House


Have you ever attended an "Open House" advertised in your area or in a community you like? Most people have. Even if you're not serious about moving, viewing a few properties in a neighbourhood you like is a great way to get a sense of the market.


Who knows? You might stumble upon your next dream home!


To get the most out of an open house, follow these guidelines:


  • Most open houses will have a handout available containing the list price and other property information. Be sure to keep a copy.


  • Don't just view the rooms. Explore the entire property, including the backyard.


  • Don't be shy about asking the listing agent (or whoever is hosting the open house) questions about the property.


  • Ask about the area. Are there schools nearby? Where is the nearest park or playground located?


  • Ask about potential required repairs and renovations. For example, if the furnace is more than 15 years old, it may need to be replaced soon.


  • Walk around the neighbourhood. Try to get a sense of what it's like to live there. If possible, chat with a neighbour.


Finally, if you become interested in the home, be sure to advise the listing agent that your own REALTOR® will be following up. Otherwise, the listing agent might assume that he or she will be representing you.


Looking for a good REALTOR® to have by your side? Call today so I can get busy StellingtheCity for you! :)

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If you're considering a bathroom update, you're probably familiar with the 

typical approaches, such as replacing a countertop or toilet, or removing all
the fixtures and finishes to complete a floor-to-ceiling renovation.
However, there is another, far less expensive way to make an older
bathroom look brand new: using overlays.
An overlay is simply a new surface applied over an existing one. For
example, instead of replacing an old and worn bathtub – which is costly –
you can purchase an overlay system (called a tub liner) that fits on top of
the existing bathtub. It's a little like giving your tub a facelift!
You can do the same thing with your bathroom countertops and floors.
Overlays come in a wide variety of styles and finishes – some of which can
make your bathroom look significantly more upscale. Compared to a major
renovation, the installation of overlays is relatively straightforward. A tub
liner installation, for example, can be done in a day.
You can learn more about overlays at your local home improvement centre
and at specialty bathroom showrooms.

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Buyers and sellers don't need more information; they need knowledge that only a real estate professional who dwells day in and day out in the field is able to give them. Real estate professionals filter through the white noise of information overload and give their clients the knowledge they need to make sound judgements. At least that is how I operate.

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