Creekside Playground Delights Kids of All Ages

I’ll always remember the day the new Creekside Playground was opened to the public. Not because there was great fanfare, in fact the removal of the temporary fencing happened rather unceremoniously, but it seems fitting that the new playground opened on such a magical day as the solar eclipse. This could in part explain why the playground has captured the imagination of children of all ages; but, I believe it is more likely a feat of very intelligent design.


I have watched the progress over the past 10 months while I walked past with Lucy every day and I have marveled at the design and expected it would be awesome when it was finished; but, I didn’t imagine the effect it would have on the neighborhood! People are coming from across the city to bring their kids to experience the new playground and it is buzzing with activity and the sounds of happy children from morning until after dark.


A few times while I have been out with Lucy for her 6am walk, I have seen an elderly Chinese gentleman, who I am used to passing while we walk, taking a ride on the zip line before jauntily continuing his morning stroll! One evening at twilight, again as I walked Lucy, I heard a late 20s cyclist remark to his companion “Wow, that looks fancy! Doesn’t it make you want to stop?” And when I looked back the two men had parked their bikes and were on their way to the zip line.


I heartily applaud the designer(s) of this magical playground! 

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