Everyone has a story . . .

Everyone has a story and every story has a setting. As a Realtor, I have the privelege of being a part of the transformation that takes place when my clients make a change in their story by moving from one setting to another.


As a listing agent, it is my job to help market a property in such a way that it offers an inviting setting for the life stories of buyers. Sometimes this means staging the property so as to inspire buyers to imagine the possibilities of a space. As a buyers' agent, my task is to listen to the wants and needs of my clients and to help them find a setting that will be suitable for the story they are wishing to create from thier lives. Once we have settled on a suitable geographical and neighborhood place, we turn our attention to specific spaces. Sometimes we find the perfect space. More often than not though, there is a need to compromise some of the aspects of the wish list and purchase a property that most meets the needs and wants. When this is the case, there is the option to make some changes in the property in order to acheive the dream space. Some people are both artistic and handy and can manage a decorating update or a full scale renovation on their own. Others need some professional help. Fortunately, I have a designer on my team whose approach is to design for you what is inspired by your ideas of the story you want to live.  


People often think of interior designers as a luxury that few people can afford. Chrissy from Chrissy and Co Design Savvy has created a business model that makes having  a designer help you create a space that is a setting for your story an affordable possibility for everyone. Check out her website for more information about this inspired and inspiring designer. 


Chrissy & Co Design Savvy

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