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Green and Free Tips for Decluttering from Vancouver in the Box


By : Limor Friedman, Vancouver in The Box


Moving to an East Van apartment?  You want to make sure everything fits, and you will have room for yourself. In other words, it's time to get rid of "stuff."  A great thing about Vancouver is the city has many eco-friendly resources to help you de-clutter for free or almost free.  Here are the best green -resources:


1. As we all know, one person's trash is another person's treasure. Donate!  Clothing you haven’t worn for the last two years, books, toys and home decorations.   Call Recycling BC hotline. They can tell you which organization can come right to your door to pick up donations items, including furniture. 

RCBC hot line: 604-7329253


2. Recycle:  Have you ever wondered what to do with an old cell-phones, printers,  DVDs, bulbs, batteries and other items you can't leave  in the Blue Box?

One retailer with a great green plan will recycle all these items and more. Go to the customer service in any London Drugs, to drop electronics. Learn where else to recycle specific materials:


3. Most organization do not accept mattresses as a donation. Either because of limited storage space or simply because they are afraid of bedbugs. In Vancouver it is easy to recycle mattresses, bed frames and other furniture. Check out this site:


4. Consignment:

Sport's equipment, camping gear from bicycle to flippers, golf sticks and soccer shoes, can be resold at "Sport Junkies"  604-8796000   -102 W Broadway, Vancouver.

There are many great consignment stores in Vancouver. Before you jump in with a bunch of your clothes and shoes, call to find out what are they taking right now. It can be seasonal only, minimum number of items, others may be full at the moment.  

5. Host a giveaway VIP party:  Invite friends and family to take items you no longer need.   Designate the day and time, mark items they can take. Whatever is left can be donated or turn to a yard sale.

Get rid of unwanted items, make room for new things in your new home.

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