Housing Vancouver- New Priority Actions

I attended the City of Vancouver Planning and Zoning information meeting for Realtors this morning. Lot's of good news. They are working hard in the planning and zoning departments to address concerns about housing in our city. Here is the list of their 10 Priority Actions:

1. Shift toward Right Supply
2. Limit Speculative Investment
3. New 10 Year Affordable Housing Delivery and Financial Strategy
4. 10 Year Regional Indigenous Housing Strategy
5. Launch a New Social Purpose Real Estate Incentive Program
6. Accelerate SRO replacement while improving existing stock to enhance affordability.
7. Focus on "Housing First" Temporary Modular Housing
8. Increase Rental Protections
9. Remove Barriers to Support Diverse Ways of Living
10. Cut Through Red Tape

Addressing housing and affordability concerns in Vancouver will be like turning a big ship; but after this morning's meeting, I am confident that there are some competent people at the helm at least attempting to turn that ship.
For detailed information about each of these initiatives, refer to the city website:
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