How to Deal with Low-Ball Offers

At the moment, most neighborhoods in Vancouver are experiencing a strong sellers market. Most buyers are aware of this fact, but there will always be buyers who, for one reason or antoher, want to make a low-ball offer.


One of the ways to avoid a low offer is to take care to price your home correctly — that is, at a price that is in line with what similar properties in the area have sold for recently — then you have a good chance of selling it at or near your asking price. 

Smart pricing doesn'te gaurantee you won't get a low-ball offer. You might. So what do you do when that happens?

First, understand that the buyer may not necessarily be trying to steal away your home at a bargain-basement price. He might simply be mistaken about its true market value. Of course, he might also be coming in at a low price in the hopes he’ll get lucky. Try not to take offense, buyers, like sellers, are just hoping to get the best price. 

When you get a any sort of offer, a low-ball offer included, you have three options: accept it, ignore it, counter it. 


You will likely never know the buyer's motives; so, it could be a mistake to get angry and dismiss the offer out-of-hand.

That low-ball offer might end up being the beginning of a negotiation that results in you selling your home at a good price.

As your REALTOR® I will help you to determine:

  • How serious the buyer is.

  • How qualified the buyer is. (For example, does he have a pre-

    approved mortgage?)

  • How amenable the buyer is to a counter-offer that reflects the true

    market value of your home.

  • What that counter-offer should be.

    It's my job to help you navigate the home selling process. Let me put my experience an expertise to work for you. 

    Call today. 

    All you have to do is imagine your future; I'll help you find it. 


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