Stellingthecity's Top 10 Reasons to List Your Home Now

10 I always offer my clients exceptional service and support no matter what time of year-- even during the holidays!

9 Sales this November are up 87% from November of 2012.

8 My personal website and my company website connect your home with qualified buyers from around the world -- remember, 90% of home buyers actively use the internet as part of their home search.

7 Most Detatched Homes in Vancouver were on the market for 30 days or less in the third quarter.

6 Detatched Home unit sales were up by 55% in the third quarter, indicating a strong market for homeowners looking to make a move before year-end.

5  It's a perfect time to connect with buyers from around the world, as many snowbirds will be returning home before the holidays and foreign investors will be visiting from abroad, and locals will have time away from their usual busy schedules as schools and activities take a break for the holidays .

4 There are more serious buyers in the market during November and December. Those who are shopping are very serious and looking to complete their purchase before the end of the year.

3 There is less competition and greater overall exposure for your home as inventory trypically drops prior to the holidays.

2 I will determine the most accurate value of your home in today's market by using the most recent neighborhood focused data.

1 Selling your home now aligns perfectly with your goal of being in your new location by Spring of 2014!

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