The Viaducts - To Be or Not To Be? That is the question . . .


The Vancouver City Planning Committe would like us to consider the question of removing the Viaducts. I attened a presentation last night at Sceince World by a group of panelists who detailed the reasons for removing the Viaducts. I went with an open mind and no definite position on the matter. I left with a certianty that removing the Viaducts will be good for our city. 


Here is a recap of Vancouver's Manager of City Planning, Brian Jackson, had to say:


1. Why now? 
We are at a pivotal point in the city's evolution in down town and there is an opportunity to connect the neighbourhoods.
There is vacant land right now available for staging the removal. Once Concord has developed the land, the cost will be higher to remove the viaducts because there will be no bare land to stage the removal. There is a precedent in Toronto that supports this argument since Toronto delayed the decision for a similar project and when they did finally proceed, the vacant land had been developed and the removal ended up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the original proposal.  

2. Why? Two and a half acres of land will become available for housing, market and affordable. Main Street will be re connected. A new high street on the eastern side of Downtown is an intangible benefit. Will link the haves and have not communities. The road can be replaced with an at grade road system. There will be better circulation of vehicles. 
You won't get stuck on the viaduct because there will be opportunities to veer off the road way if it is at grade level.

Concord is required to build a 9 acre park. Taking down viaducts will increase the park to 13.5 acres.
This is an exciting opportunity to undo the damage that was done to communities in the 60s and 70s.

3. Who is this for? China Town, False Creek (bigger park) , Olympic Village( with the current proposal they will keep the view). New community of 1200 units. Opportunity for new community and entertainment district at False Creek.
For cyclists. For pedestrians to have safe at grade environment. Anyone traveling in and out of Vancouver.

4. What's next?  Planning committee expects the planning process will take at least a year once council tells them to go ahead with planning.

At its meeting on October 20, 2015, Vancouver City Council will receive a presentation regarding the Removal of the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts, and refer the matter to the following meeting to hear from speakers: 
MEETING: Standing Committee on City Finance and Services
DATE: Wednesday, October 21, 2015
TIME: 2 pm
LOCATION: Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall
453 West 12th Avenue


The agenda for the meeting can be viewed at: the relevant report at:  
If you wish further information on this matter, please contact Holly Sovdi, Planner, Vancouver – Downtown, at 604.871.6330. If you wish to speak to Council, please email to or call Lori Isfeld at 604.871.6355. Please note speakers are requested to limit their comments to no longer than five minutes.
You may also communicate your thoughts on the issue to the Mayor and Councillors by emailing and we will ensure Council receives all correspondence before the matter is considered.
Visit or @VanCityClerk on Twitter for real-time information on the progress of City Council meetings. All meetings of Council are webcast and can be viewed at: . The minutes for this meeting can be viewed at: approximately two days following the meeting. 
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