Emerging Plans for North East False Creek

The Vancouver City Planning department has set up a pop up plannining shop in International Village Mall and they are holding public open houses all week. I visited the pop up shop today and saw the 3D model of the plan. Sorry, I don't have a photo to share (technical difficulties that originated with the user!). The plan looks great and makes a lot of sense. I was very impressed with city employee who spent a long time explaining the plan and answering my questions. The main concern I hear about the proposed removal of the viaducts is "where will the traffic go?" The thing people don't seem to undertand is this plan is not just to remove the viaducts, but to replace them with a better option. At present, transit and emergency vehicles cannot use the viaducts during peak times without running the risk of getting stuck in a grid lock. The new routes will allow such vehicles another option and will allow commuters the opportunity to re-route when traffic is heavy. There are so many great reasons to support the development plan, but I will let you explore them in the planning docuement on the city website. Or better yet, I encourage you to get out to one of the remaining open houses between now and February 7th. The reality is that the viaducts are an aging structure that has had a great deal of negative impact on the surrounding communities. I will be glad to see them go. And when I say see them go, I mean literally. I can see them from my living room window. It is a long term plan and it will take upwards of 10 years before we see it completed and yes, there will be some inconvenience in the process, but I am excited about the plans to improve the community around North East Fasle Creek. Click here to visit the City of Vancouver website for more information and to fill out a survey to share your thoughts and ideas with the planning committee. 

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