What is Subject to Inspection? Edition #1 of StellingtheCity FAQ Video Series

Hi! It's a new year and a time for new beginnings, so for today's blog entry, I am starting something new!! Welcome to the first edition in my StellingtheCity FAQ (Freaquently Asked Questions) Video Series. The content in these videos has been inspired by real questions from real clients.

In my life before Real Estate, I was a teacher. In my work as a Realtor, as in my work as a teacher, I love sharing information with people. I have always said if one person has a question, chances are very good that they are not the only ones wondering about the answer. So, this video series was conceived from my desire make sure people have answers to their questions. If you have any real estate related questions, please contact me; I am always happy to help. Perhaps your question will inspire my next FAQ video! 


Today's video addresses the question "What does subject to inspection mean?" I realized it was a question that needed answering when recently a client asked me if she still had to go through with the purchase if the inspection report wasn't good. Watch to find out the answer :)


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